Are Online Ordering Services Killing Your Restaurant?

Restaurants and Cafes are scrambling to offer their food online. Can you blame them? Three years ago, more people still ordered food by telephone than online. Now, more than half of restaurants’ takeaway orders originate online. Soon, restaurants that don’t allow customers to order online will be unable to compete and—ultimately—survive.

How Much Money Is Your Restaurant Losing?

Delivery apps charge up to 35% commission on every order. Use our calculator to see just how much you’re paying out.

Haven’t Heard of My Food Order Before?

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We build solutions for restaurants, not high-jack & profit on their data.

All restaurants who use our online ordering system have complete control of their processes, customers, and branding. My Food Order allows restaurants to be their own revenue driver.

The Advantages of My Food Order

Take a look at your competitive advantage when you use our direct online ordering.

Companies Like UberEats,
MenuLog, DoorDash & Deliveroo

How much does it cost my restaurant?

Flat Rate $1.10 service fee per order
(added at checkout and paid by the customer)

15% - 35% Per Order

How long will it take to receive online ordering funds?

1 Business Day (Direct Bank Deposits)

7 - 30 Days

How do I receive my direct online orders?

Tablet and email

Tablet or Fax

Can I market to my customers?

Yes! My Food Order offers an Email Marketing Along with Coupon & Loyalty Tools

Do I own customer data?

Can I access my menu, reporting, and customer list?

Can I make my own updates?

Am I required to agree to a long-term contract?

Can you help me with a custom website?

Can you help me with marketing?

Can take reservations?

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